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 Alexa Keynes, Director and

Co-Founder | Xeco Wines

Charlotte is a dynamic, intelligent and inspiring individual adding much value to the drinks industry. Her skills as presenter are impressive with great ability to explain clearly and clarify succinctly with a light and approachable touch. 

Anna Nash, Head of Global Public Relations | AMAN

Charlotte perfectly choreographed the evening to not only bring the group together, but to share her passion and knowledge on wine. She has great confidence, and spoke eloquently on the history of wine and went into just the right amount of detail about each of the wines.

Toni Allcock, Head of Operations | Wineapp 

We hired Charlotte to work with us at the Wineapp launch party as a wine expert. Charlotte was highly professional and full of energy. She did a fantastic job recommending wines to 600 people throughout the evening. 

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