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WINE & DINE: (No Miso) "Miso" Aubergine paired with Pinot Noir

This dish is an umami bomb! Umami-rich foods go well with wines that balance out umami’s savouriness and broad texture. Fruity wines with good acidity are winners as there's a satisfying contrast between the mellow umami flavours and a bright, fruit-forward wine. I recommend pairing this aubergine dish with a fruity red wine, with good acidity. Great examples include:

  1. Fruity/ New World styles of Pinot Noir

  2. Beaujolais (made from the Gamay grape)

  3. Italian reds such as Barbera or Frappato

I paired this dish with 2016 “Soli” Pinot Noir from Thracian Valley, Bulgaria. This is great light and fruity Pinot Noir, which at sub-£15 is a fantastic bargain. BUY NOW

(No Miso) "Miso" Aubergine

1 Minute Recipe Video!

Music: Moon Bay,


  • 2 Aubergines

  • 3 tbsps Soy Sauce

  • 1 tbsp Honey

  • 1 tbsp Marmite

  • juice of 1/2 Lime

  • Olive oil

  • To serve: Salad Leaves, Parsley and Sesame Seeds (optional)

Miso Aubergine


Step 1: Cut the Aubergines in half. Then, with a sharp knife score the aubergines with a deep criss-cross pattern.

Step 2: For the marinade, in a bowl mix: Soy Sauce, Honey, Marmite and Lime until a smooth/watery consistency.

Step 3: Place the aubergines in a baking tray and pour over the marinade and a generous glug of Olive Oil. Make sure the marinade and olive oil goes deep into all the criss-crosses you have cut into the aubergines for maximum deliciousness!

Step 4: Place the aubergines in a pre-heated oven at 200°C for 40 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove the aubergines and spoon over the juices in the baking tray back over the aubergines to absorb more of the juices and flavour.

To serve: On a large plate, place the aubergine on top of a bed of Salad Leaves. Add chopped Parsley and Sesame Seeds and enjoy.

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